Full Time Staff

Eric Riley - Executive Director

Eric has been with the Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers since April 2007.  He started as a Project Manager, became the Restoration Coordinator in May 2010 and then the Executive Director in June 2011. Before joining the Council, Eric was a Project Manager for Douglas SWCD from March 2003 to April 2007. He also worked as a Field Biologist for Natural Resource Scientist, Inc. and as a Faculty Research Assistant for Oregon State University. Eric has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology, with an emphasis in Fisheries and Wildlife from California Polytechnic State University, in San Luis Obispo, CA. Eric is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Oregon Army National Guard and is currently the Operations Officer for the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, based at Camp Withycombe, Clackamas, OR.  When not working, Eric is outside hunting, fishing, camping or working around the house or in the garden with his wife and kids. You can contact Eric at eric@umpquarivers.org or 541-673-5756, ext 159.  

Sandy Lyon - Monitoring Coordinator
Sandy Lyon has been working as the Monitoring Coordinator since November 2003. With 20+ years in medical research and lab work, as well as with a degree in Biology from the University of California San Diego, Sandy has the skills and knowledge to design and implement basin-wide water quality monitoring programs and studies. She monitors the large number of completed and future projects for PUR. Furthermore, she trains and coordinates volunteers to participate in monitoring projects. You can contact Sandy at sandy@umpquarivers.org or 541-673-5756, ext 149

Terry Luecker - Project Planner
Terry Luecker joined the team in July, 2005 as our project planner. Terry grew up on a Missouri dairy farm and graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. She then attended Oregon State University to complete a master’s degree in Forest Hydrology. She completed her thesis in the summer of 2004 and was hired by the Oregon Department of Forestry. At ODF, Terry worked as the Assistant Hydrologist for the Private and Community Forests Program. After a year gaining experience in state forest hydrology issues, Terry became a planner for PUR. As the planner, Terry works with biologists from public agencies and private landowners to improve fish passage and fish habitat across the Umpqua basin. She works with the PUR staff to successfully write grants, plan restoration work, and implement on the ground projects. You can contact Terry at terryl@umpquarivers.org or 541-673-5756, ext 148 

Joe Carnes - Watershed Technician

Joe started working for PUR June of 2012 as a part time summer Water Quality Monitoring Assistant for the Monitoring Coordinator. He worked part-time for about 1 ½ years, and was hired full-time for the summer of 2014, on an as-needed basis. Even though he was originally hired as a Water Quality Monitoring Assistant, Joe has become a key member of the PUR staff. He assists with everything from IT support, maintenance, and grant writing, to any field work needed; allowing for other staff members to focus more of their time on important matters, such as obtaining funding to keep the organization running, and accomplishing more great projects.  While Joe has been working for us he has continued to attend college. He currently has his Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in Computer Information Systems degree, and is working to finish his Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree to transfer on to a four year college. In his free time, Joe enjoys backpacking, hiking, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. You can contact Joe at joe@umpquarivers.org or 541-673-5756, ext 149.

Gilaine Wright - Fiscal Manager
Gilaine Wright joined PUR in April of 2011. She works as Debbie’s assistant and spends most of her time with accounting software and putting together fund requests. Gilaine completed the Umpqua Community College Accounting Program and is currently working on a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Southern Oregon University. When not working, Gilaine spends most of her time with her daughter, playing chauffeur to her many adventures. You can contact Gilaine at gilaine@umpquarivers.org or 541-673-5756, ext 169