Chris Boice


Commissioner Chris Boice has lived in Douglas County since 1994.  His wife was raised in South Douglas  County  and  their  four  children  were  all born here.   Commissioner Boice is committed to this  great  county  and  has  owned  and  operated small businesses since 2002.

Commissioner Boice became involved in public service  due  to  his  interest  in  giving  back  to  the community and recognizing the need for his generation to step up and accept a leadership role in government. The County  is  experiencing  a significant revenue shortfall due to reduced harvest levels of timber from Federal Lands. We can no longer  promise  County  services  and  proposed changes in County operations without also talking about how to balance our budget. His goal is to work to streamline government programs and ensure that we operate  with  a  balanced  budget. He has also been a committed and consistent force for economic development in Douglas County.