Project Criteria for Local Landowner Participation

Landowner participation in Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers (PUR) projects is voluntary. The PUR hopes that:

  1. The landowner will have a long-term interest in restoration and protection of fish resources and water quality through participation in this watershed restoration effort.
  2. The landowner will work with PUR staff to implement and manage the project for the term of the Watershed Restoration Agreement (WRA). The WRA identifies the responsibilities of the landowner, manager (PUR) and cooperating agencies/organizations. It also includes a project work plan, which provides a detailed description of the project.
  3. The landowner will grant access to the project site for the PUR and cooperating agencies/organizations to conduct official business. Official business includes monitoring capital improvements, habitat conditions, and fish use within the project area. All parties shall provide notice prior to entering the project site.
  4. The landowner contributes to the development and implementation of the project. Contributions can include labor, materials or cash.
  5. The landowner will periodically monitor the condition of on-the-ground improvements and maintain all improvements throughout the term of the agreement. The landowner will report problems to the PUR.
  6. The landowner acknowledges that information relating to the project is a public record. The landowner will receive copies of all documentation and reports.

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